Please give the MovieOracle something to work with.
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What to do:
  • Select a movie from the list, copy&paste or type some text, or upload a text file and click "Get recommendations". The results will then show here.

  • For more information, see the Examples and FAQ links at the bottom of the page.
What it does:
  • The MovieOracle will analyze the text you give it and recommend movies with similar content.
How rating works:
  • The MovieOracle does not use human rating or categorizing of movies.

  • The similarity is computed by analyzing the content of the text you provide and comparing it to the movie contents the MovieOracle already knows.
What to upload:
  • You can upload any movie subtitle or text.

  • Since the MovieOracle reads your text, it can recommend on all texts or movies, not just the ones stored in the data base.

  • Of course, recommendations can only be movies it already knows. We update the data base with more movies frequently.

  • You can upload stories, books or any other text and get recommendations on these.

  • Or just type something like "Jedi Knight" and see what happens.
Text and file size limitations:
  • For now, please only upload plain text files not larger than 500K.

  • Larger uploads will be rejected. We are working to allow larger uploads and also to incorporate other formats, like PDF.
What the MovieOracle knows:
  • We have processed about 250 movies for now and are adding more every week. If you want to help, please send us an email.
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